My first text came from Gabe.

Once I saw the text-whatever world I was living in came to a halt. Whatever thought was on my mind disappeared. What ever had me annoyed  was non existent. Michael Jackson was dead.


*Blank Stare*—-> quite possibly the blankest stare I’ve ever produced.


A large portion of my childhood revolved around the era that was declared the Decade of the King of Pop.

Mike, ain’t Dead? Right? *voice cracking* Right?

He wasn’t meant to live forever?


The First Man I EVER wanted to be like. My first hero before I knew what a hero was. The definition of cool. I didn’t know my right from my left, hardly knew my full name-But I KNEW who Michael Jackson was.

Our tribute after the jump…


He was the baddest, freshest, dopest of them all. Touched by None. Let’s be Clear-who holds a torch to Michael?

Who else had fans fall out in concerts by the droves? Who’s Concert’s came complete with several ambulances and oxygen Masks? Who laid people out in the aisles without holy water and the Holy Bible? Michael. His influence is Legendary. The rest are Secondary. His imperfections are minute on the scale when compared to the way he made the World feel with his Music. You can feel how you want to about the man-But you Will respect the art that is his Music.


Duplicated, replicated, imitated, emulated, dualistic, correlated, copied, re-produced, remixed, cloned, remade and counterfeited- But never equivalent.

For most artist, Mike is the reason you want to Sing. The reason you want to Dance. The reason you want to perform. The reason you want to BE.

His reign at the top is the evidence that keeps hope alive in the music industry. Who doesn’t want that type of longevity?


No man is without Flaws, and Mr. Jackson like many of us had a few. I know the Media and the World will not find it in their hearts to forgive Mike for his past allegations, accusations, and tribulations. Let me for one moment say that we all have skeletons-at this point Mike is off to meet his maker-who will deliver the Final Judgement call.

His Music will live on.


How many of today’s artist are really producing hits that will live a lifetime? When can you ever hear P.Y.T. and not mouth the lyrics, When can you hear Rock With You and Not move your body out of your seat? How many Albums can you listen straight through without interruption?

My heart is heavy.

I pray that Mike reaches a place of peace and serenity. There’s a lot about Mike that we know nothing about. We only know what has been made public, and the stamp of truth may or may not be upon that information. He’s been at the top and sunk to the bottom. Loved by Millions, detested by just as much. He’s led a pretty secluded life do to his Superstar status. Can you really experience life if you’ve never experienced it? Can you experience one phase without coming from another? Could you function if you went from infancy to adulthood with no substance in between?

Maybe Not.

He handled the cards he was dealt…

He will forever be a Legend and an Icon.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

We Love you

-The Fly Guys

-Stay FLY!

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  1. been out drinking, it’s people everywhere in honor of his passing…i felt the same way when i got the call. i just stopped. went blank. there will never be another. this post was written beautifully.

  2. Beautifully written……..

    My heart is heavy & the tears just keep flowing….

    I still can’t believe it….I don’t want to.

  3. I still can’t believe it. My world stopped momentarily too. The greatest artist of my lifetime, forever missed xx

  4. Great tribute. I still can’t process it… on the radio today a man said “I never thought Michael Jackson would die… I kind of thought of him as immortal”. Too true.. Respect his music, his dedication… Someone on YouTube said it well “A little bit of music has died today.” People’s childhood… what artist transcended generations like Michael? No one. I don’t want to say that there will never be someone like him again, but there won’t and that’s said for the future generations and music…

  5. I felt the exact same way when I got the text. I was in WalMart talking to my friend and her mother about how basketball was going when my other friend texted me and told me and al of a sudden I had a blank stare on my face trying to process what I had just been told. I still can’t believe it now tho. It seems like Michael was just supposed to live forever. It’s some people I just can’t see dying, and Michael Jackson is one of them.

    But this was a GREAT tribute Rae. You did a very good job! My condolences go out to the Jackson family. R.I.P. Michael Jackson…may you rest in peace…

  6. His music will never die. Nobody comes close to MJ.
    May he rest in peace. My thoughts go out to the family.
    I feel like my childhood is officially gone now. I grew up dancing to MJ, the family get together was nothing without blasting MJ music. The dance competitions with MJ music…man..RIP.Will always love you.Always

  7. He gave us his talent, his passion and his life. May he finally rest in peace. For all the many who loved him “be strong”. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten.

  8. It’s hard to put words on what I felt when I saw the front page of the paper here in Norway this morning.. I couldn’t believe it.. No matter if you’re a fan or not, I think everyone feels like something is missing now that he’s gone.It’s very strange because it’s not like I was his biggest fan ever, but I did admire him a lot. And I did and do still love his music. No one could give a show like he did. I was at the concert he had in Norway in 1997. Amazing! Can’t believe so many years have passed. It’s been so long since we’ve heard anything from him. And then suddenly he’s gone.. It was so unexpected. I feel empty somehow. And sad. But I hope he gets the peace he deserves after giving the world everything he had. He’s a legend. No one can replace him, and I think we will have to wait for a loooong time to see any artist that can touch the world like he did.

  9. yes yes yes.. just had this conversation about his music last week, timeless timeless timeless…put on the Off the Wall, or Thriller album or a single like “Keep in the Closet”, or “Remember the Time” or a later J5 hit like “Heartbreak hotel” or “Show you the way to go” and you will get any party jumping for sure…..just had this discussion. SMH

    Mj was the ULTIMATE performer from an era that actually demanded you had talent before you took any stage and he Dominated…he has influenced generations, and this younger genration for sure who were infants, if born, when Thriller dropped..I was 8. Loved Mike then , Love Mike now and yes may God bless his soul…thru his art he is immortal.

  10. Love this post. So eloquent. These are the kind of things we should be hearing and reading about right now. Not the garbage and scandal the media is trying adhere to. Thank you for that, Rae.

    Michael Jackson can finally be at peace.

  11. This is absolutely the saddest loss the music industry has ever suffered through.This mans music was truly timeless and universal and his career was a legacy.He will never be forgotten,and the loss of such an icon hits people the same from every walk of life,in every corner of the world!Its unfortunate that youve departed from us so soon but have a safe trip home.John Mayer said it best,we truly lost a strand of our cultural DNA yesterday..

    Nice one Fly Guys…

  12. One of the best and most well written tributes I’ve read thus far. You could not have said it better. Michael was everything that you have mentioned and more. Vehement about his craft and dedicated to his calling…something many of us can learn from and apply to our everyday lives. We have truly lost an irreplaceable person. May God bless his children, family, friends and fans.

  13. Very well written post. Thank you Rae.

    God gave us this gift. A man second to no other. His life was a tragic story of continual accusations and supposed short comings… but no man can say that he did not give himself to his fans, to the world.

    No man shall judge a man, only God. With that said, those accusers should let God do his job.

    The world laments as his loss fails to be grasped on any scale. What is music without Michael Joseph Jackson?

    What will be remembered is his love of people. He loved even when he was hated. He was a living testament of how God tells us to live.

    His death is an end to an era that no one wants to close. Even in these moments, we wish we could go back. But that is not how God wants us to live. Never in his days did you see him lash out or take things back, therefore, we must take this to heart and celebrate his life.

    I believe in my heart that he was child in a man’s body, untouched by social calamity and because of that people who could, did, take advantage of his childlike demeanor and made him out to be a fool. I hurt for him in so many ways but am glad, in all honesty, that he is gone from this place.

    He is in a far better place than any of us could imagine.

    God bless him as he is truly a man of God. I pray his family makes it through this loss because his fans will be praying with them.


  14. very well said, Rae Holliday
    the whole thing was said perfectly. there’s nothing i could add.
    rip MJ

  15. Very well written. A promoter friend of mine said something that kinda touched on what Nicole’ was saying…

    “Today my heart is made heavy by the realization that he entertained us for all his years and may have died of a broken heart.”

    He’s in a better place now…RIP MJ.

  16. Words can’t explain the emotions that are running thru my body. Tears are starting to boil over & I cannot hold back of what this man did for our generation; not just music but an global inspiration to everyone. He’s elite will never be touch or forgotten. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

  17. Wow…. I have yet to come across another article, post, tribute, etc. that better articulates how and WHY hearing about the death of this awesome entertainer effected us all so much and so deeply. Couldn’t have been written better.

  18. In the non-creepiest way possible, i loved michael jackson. he was absolutely amazing and no one can compare. i know he will be remembered for his contributions to music and will forever remain a legend. RIP Michael! We love you!

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