Ciara walked the Carpet of Red for the Premiere of the new Transformers Movie.


Not a Red Carpet Look. This look is very Girls Night out. No?

I might ad that something is off- that hair or make up ages her, eh?

What’s your verdict?

She does however, look Fly as hell-standing next to Anthony Anderson’s shirt ((smh))


Tyrese, Aubrey and Lala after the jump…

Over dressed? Why wait? I feel like he’s going to a gala afterwards…

I luv LaLa

Simple and chic.

-Stay FLY!





5 responses to “THE FLY VERDICT: CIARA”

  1. f.l.y Avatar

    lala looks fly.. but i’d like to see the hair.. u know since she pulled the “cassie”.

  2. $in Murakami Avatar
    $in Murakami

    If I didn’t know any better, I would had ask Tyrese if he could show me and my guest to our seats. He’s suppose to be a usher right?

    Yo do you remember the Guess Tie Dye Jeans back in the day? That era is emailing Ciara. AA must had been going to Liau Sundays. Aloha.

    Props to Melo’s wifey, she nailed it. Aubrey…..brb

  3. Misty Knight >>>>>>>>>Push The Button Avatar

    Ciara’s pants just warped me back to the year 2000, all she needs is some ole rhinestone, pink tank top, Chloe glasses, a 2-way pager, and some cornrows, and Uggh at Aubry , is it wrong to think of a human being as a herpes sore?

  4. Sean Fitz Avatar
    Sean Fitz

    My momma always said if you dont hav nothin nice to say dont say nothin at all… soooo, LaLa and CiCi you ladies look great…

  5. MikeySAURUS Avatar

    WTF IS GOING ON HERE? Tyrese looks like he should be working valet, Anthony Anderson’s shirt looks like vomit in a bucket, and CiCi’s make up is off, plus her outfit looks very “Hannah Montana-ish”.

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