The Fly Guys & The Fly Crew were just discussing-the issue of Chris Browns new Material Last Night.

We all agreed that he needs a Monster Banger-to pull him up out of the dumps, he’s been placed in by the Media.

Then I wake up and find this, it’s alledgedly being positioned for his new single.


Take a listen.

In all honesty, it does nothing for me. Regardless of the issues Chris has Millions of young-female fans-If his recent situation was not enough of a bad situation-and an awful example. This is not helping.

Another overly sexual song for our teen girls and boys to internalize, and act out. Am I blaming the Music for our overly sexed teen culture? Yes and No- The music doesn’t necessarily make anyone go out and do anything per say-however-with enough sexually provocative lyrics internalized-coming from Popular-Rappers and Singers-add some peer pressure and the fear of being ostracized by the “in crowd” and then, then-BOOM BOOM POW!

Your the next Candidate for True Life: I’m pregnant at 16.

I’m just saying…

We Can blame the parents all we want. The Parents are not around 24/7 – When do the Artist take Responsibility?

Note to Chris: Pick another song.

-Stay FLY!





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  1. $in Avatar

    I only lasted until :15, sorry. As soon as I heard that autotune, I went to get some breakfast.

  2. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like

    LMAO! Yeah The Auto tune does NOT help either…((SMH))

  3. $in Avatar

    I agree with you, but there’s nothing can be done in this matter. You can be very strict with your daughter and have her focus only on her books, only for her to be a total freak. You, as a parent should have a real down to earth relationship with your child, where they can come to you and talk about anything, good or bad. This is why I don’t believe that celebrities and athletes are role models, but parents and teachers are. I can’t fault Chris Brown at all, because if your kid was raised right, absolutely nothing in that song can change your decision about sex.

  4. $in Avatar


  5. Meeka Avatar


    I was raised in a pretty loving household. Mom/Dad/Church/Rules regulations and a lot of LOVE. Now i can chat with my parents about anything-However- when your in school–It’s not that your parents didnt do a good job or the best they could do–it’s that for what it’s worth there are some who are Popular and some who are not. For those who have popular spirits its easier for you to make solid decisions because your influential- But if your not popular- even all the LOVE at Home can’t protect you from the eagerness to be liked or accepted. It just is what it is. WHo wants to be a Nobody? We all can’t be the Popular ones and depending on the age- self esteem issues, etc… Parents can do but so much. I agree artist/athletes are NOT great Role Models- it doesnt mean people dont look up to them they do. I belive the artist owes it to their fans to produce Good Music. Not saying Good Clean Music- there is a genre for that- I can deal with swag surfin-or stanky legs or whatever- I cant deal with sexy sweaty influential heart throbs– SMASHING- and HITTING- you can sing about it and not be so up FRONT about it. Chris and others need to make their money -I get it- but where’s the integrity? There will be NO integrity unless we the people ignore the foolishness and support REAL music.

  6. $in Avatar

    Dope post, Meeka. I’ll agree to that one.

  7. pz Avatar

    i couldn’t agree more rae!!!!! love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sina Avatar

    I like the song but I do agree its not first single material like.I liked his Song Takes time that should be his forst single..froze was good too.

    Still love me some chris breezy though.

  9. Suzy G Avatar
    Suzy G

    This song is really old. I doubt Jive Records, or Chris, would use it since its been floating around the internet FOREVER. I first heard this 2/3 months ago so I’m sure it was recorded pre-Rihanna “incident.”

  10. aboveitall Avatar

    Wack. He has less to do with it than the fact that it’s just an awful song. THE END.

  11. Bhoranie Avatar


  12. Fati Avatar

    lol this dude is a big time joke..

    son, u just smashed the hell out of riri..and now this song? smh

  13. TSH Avatar

    I agree. I think artist should be more conscious of the messages that they are sending. That when reach a certain level of influence they should be required to be more responsible, but it’s up to us (the general public) to hold them accountable… and really, where do we start with that?

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