Allegedly this young lady Kimberley Vlaminck asked for 3 stars on her face (first mistake), fell asleep during the procedure (2nd mistake) and woke up with 56 Stars on her face.


I shouldn’t be laughing- but I just finished screaming about 5 minutes ago.

#1 Who Falls asleep while getting tattoos on their Face?

#2 Who gets tattoos on their faces besides psycho’s, murderers and wannabees…

#3 Why would you let anyone who looks like this- give you a tattoo?

peep him under the hood…


*Blank stare*

She’s suing…

Toumaniantz (the tattoo artist) claimed Kimberley was happy with the work when she left his shop in Coutrai but changed  her mind when her father saw the stars.

‘She’s 18 years old, she’s an adult,’  he said. ‘I don’t regret it. To tell you the truth, this has given me some publicity.’

Kimberley is suing Toumaniantz for £10,000 after she paid £55 for ‘the graffiti that has ruined my life’.

She claimed the Toumanaintz misunderstood her French and English.

She claims she fell asleep while he was doing his work… and awoke to ‘this nightmare’.

‘It is terrible for me,’ said Kimberley yesterday. ‘I cannot go out on to the street, I am so embarrassed. I just look horrible.’

You can’t make this ish up…Good Night.

-Stay FLY!






18 responses to “I JUST CAN’T…”

  1. Tash Avatar

    lmao HARD.

  2. pz Avatar

    hahahahaha…….why would u get some tattoos on ur face anyway?!?!?!

  3. Mocchachica Avatar

    This is unreal.
    First of all it is very unlikely that a person would fall alsleep while getting a tattoo. Anyone who has a tattoo knows that between the noise of the tatto gun and the pain you really can’t sleep… unless you’re drunk.

    Secondly, in the time it takes to tattoo 3 small stars like that you won’t fall asleep… unless you’re drunk.

    And 3rd and final, they don’t even look real to me. They look more like they are sitting ON the skin rather than ink IN the skin. Maybe henna?

    I think this is a hoax. I sincerely hope for this young lady that it is.

    Stay Fly!

  4. $in City Avatar
    $in City

    I’mma keep it 100, if I seen that tattoo artist in the middle of the night, I’m either pulling out a weapon, or I’m going to get my Usain Bolt on. I’ll just play it off like I’m trying to catch the bus.

  5. OrangeStar616 Avatar


  6. Madpet Avatar

    What’s up with this new trend of tattoos on the face? The other day I seen a fifty somthing years old woman with a butterfly on the side of her face!! These tattoos are getting ridiculous!!!!

  7. Slim Avatar

    This chick is lying…
    Like Mocchachica said…how you fallin alseep while someone is tattooing ya FACE?
    And all she had 2 do was put up 3 fingers for 3 stars…
    I don’t care what language you speak…3 fingers is universal…lol
    She deserves what she gets…
    Hope they got her on camera asking for all them dumb ass stars…

  8. beautifuldaidreamer Avatar

    That looks gross and she looks like a fool. Like others said, ain’t no way you could fall asleep while somebody tattoos 53 extra stars ON YOUR FACE! Who can fall asleep while getting tatted anyway? Hell, I have a hard time just tryna keep still. And doesn’t the artist usually place a stenciled image on the area first? Why would he just start tattooing stars all willy nilly all over her face, as she claims?

  9. Sina Avatar

    YIKES!that dude looks like a flippin rhino!I mean I like tatts but they reach a point where you just gotta put the needle down cmon now brodie!

    And um shes so dumb for that!Now shes literally scarred for life at 18 and some of the stars even looked fucked up I mean quality people!Was this a dollar tattoo shop!?

    and um…DANGER,she smashed the homies!

  10. blue Avatar

    Forget drunk, she was on drugs…DRUGED UP! Like really them sh*ts on her nose, you know that hurt like hell on the bone and nobody can fall asleep through that. She took drugs and went there…just weird.

  11. phLinErd Avatar

    LLS. . .She had to be on some GOOD cooked crack to fall asleep during that mess! Them shyts extend to her ear as well as her nose; just utter ridiculous. . .

    @beautifuldaidreamer| They def do! Looking closely the guides r still on her face, he just didn’t follow em l0l.

  12. $in City Avatar
    $in City

    Her face will never be the same, even if she decided to get laser surgery. She’ll need plastic surgery right after.

  13. ENDEsq Avatar

    I feel sorry for the tattoo artist’s mother. He really f***ed his face up with all that stuff in his nose. Good grief!

  14. jasminx Avatar

    Firstly, how the hell could she fall asleep while getting tatts on her face and secondly most tattoo artists put a coloured templated onto your skin first so that they can show how that tatt will look.Hate to say it but its her fault for saying she wanted it.Dumb arse.

  15. la blue eyes Avatar
    la blue eyes

    dammm… that shit is so f**ed up they should put that vato in jail…. and that hayna is dumb for letting a freak like that even toutch her…and how could she had fallen a sleep na thats bull crab…a tat hurts a lot to fall a sleep…

  16. ollie Avatar

    These stars are F**KED , its not henna, but it is totally S**T, if this artist should be sued for anything it should be his hand work. Plus as an artist he shouldn’t do anyone on the face that doesn’t have f**k loads of tats as it is. My mate wanted to do his head, they said come back when u have a full sleeve.
    As for the SL*T who got her FACE tattooed.. well its time to grow up.. its her fault not his. Three little stars like them would have taken all of 20mins at the MOST! Therefore… if she fell asleep.. she shouldn’t be getting inked…

  17. Rawbin Avatar

    Of course it’s henna, it’s lumpy and still looks wet. There are a brown star on her face where it was wiped off already. If it were a tattoo from a needle and ink, the stars would have a little halo of pink around them.

  18. Sam Avatar

    Oh come on, I wouldnt look myself in the mirror even, without the tattoos, if I were her. ugly ass bitch.

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