In the Words of my Homie Claire is this hair  HOT or Hmmmmmm???


Ya’ll know I love me some Rih Rih (Stans fall back!)-but this hair is an open invitation for chicks to roll out of bed and head outside.

I mean Really?

(That shoe is the BOSS though)

What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLY!

8 thoughts on “THE FLY VERDICT: Rihanna’s BED HAIR…

Add yours

  1. The second pic, she looks GOOD! Ri Ri gets a pass from me on these. I just don’t hope more ppl follow suit with this. Once in a blue moon type of thing.

  2. This chick can do no wrong, what she lacks in vocals…. she makes up in style. it looks a little wind-blown. sprayed stiff, but it looks good.

  3. I love it… I think she is the only one who can pull off the look… I feel like she is about to do something drastic with that hair of her’s… i jus hope she doesnt pull a Christina Milian

  4. Looks like a disheveled Cockatoo! I can save folks the time and money if they too wish to copy this “don’t” Wet your hair with Millers Lite, apply ProStyle gel to one side, then go to sleep on the desired side. Next Morning Viola! u look like shyt!

  5. What style is that supposed to be????? She’s fly but her hair looks a fucking mess. Gelled down on the sides??? Looks like a hairstyle for a Baltimore chick.


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