You’ve seen the Fly guys in Marc C Bow ties at more than a few Events, now meet the man behind the Bow ties.

As the voice of the Fly People we owe it to you to spotlight any and everything fashion forward.

We’ve given a little info previously-so here’s the full scoop.

Introducing Marc Clark…

What’s your inspiration as a designer?

As a designer, I am inspired by everything that’s around me. With the fall/Winter 09 line of Bow Tie Brooches and T-shirts I was inspired by iconic fashion designers and also the sexiness of the Miami culture. I know those two are totally different, but that’s what I like about being in a creative field you have the ability to bring two completely different aspects of life together and make your own interpenetration of it.

What’s your definition of FLY?

Wow, the word Fly to me is a stamp of approval, I guess its sort of like receiving an “A” on your English paper! In order to receive the stamp Fly you can’t be a square and you have to be doing something exceptional that others take notice of. I am not saying conform to whats trendy and current, but make sure you evolve in your everyday life. Fly people evolve!

What’s your take on the present state of Fashion?

The present state of fashion is all over the place in my opinion. Everyone wants to make a statement of some sort, if its shaving the right side of your head bald, or walking around the streets on NYC in a astronaut suit. People in today’s society want to have that one thing that makes them stand out while in a crowd of people. I think its very interesting.

What separates your brand from the pack?

The brand Marc C. is a brand that will always be evolving in every aspect. We launched as an accessories line and now we are gearing up for the launch of our Men’s and Women’s t-shirts this August. I want longevity in my career in the fashion industry, so I only push products that I am 110% behind. I don’t like comparing my brand to other designers, I feel when you focus on what others do, you end up losing your focus in the long run.
What are your goals for your brand?

To take over the world! Lol, just kidding!… Well like I said we have t-shirts launching this August and next year we will release our cut & sew Men’s and Women’s division. I am super excited about the upcoming projects and the progression of Marc C. Stay tuned!

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-Stay FLY!

[photo’s by Steven Duarte]

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