First, Kelis…

Then Cassie…

And now, La-La….

Hmmm…I am not mad! All 3 haircuts looked dope to me! Most may disagree with me but I love the edge in this cut.

Who Rocked It Better?

You know where to meet us…

-Stay Fly!

23 thoughts on “SHAVE YOUR CARES AWAY!

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  1. Kelis is the Original Bad ass-and No One does it like her.

    Cassie looks like the lame she is.

    And lala actually looks Edgy. I believe her’s looks way better than Cassie because it wasn’t done by her—-the parts and shape up help…..Cassie looks even dumber now.

  2. So apparently Raven did this back in 2008…
    Um… why didn’t their publicists hook them up with that little info? They really didn’t jump start a trend… most trends nowadays are really just copy cats.
    The only woman on the list I wish didn’t cut her hair is Lala… she is too beautiful for that BS. Assie craves attention (the girl ain’t selling so next she will put out a sex tape or go fully bald and do a Britney).
    This type of behavior is expected from Kelis. I mean her first hit was “I Hate You So Much (Right Now).” She was wearing her natural curly fro with a die job to kill for. I loved that.

  3. Kelis looks the best, I like la la’s too, cassie just look like she wanted to go the brittany spears route, got half way and said WTF!!! Diddy driving her mad!!!

  4. LaLa is impressing me more and more!
    I really like this on LaLa- she spiced up her shaved scalp- put double cutts- feminine shape up…. haha… its look dope on her.

  5. I think Kelis killed it. I really dont like the half shaved look however La La comes thru.

  6. I agree wit FLY like ME also..Kelis HAS edge, style….La La’s does actually look better than Cassie’s altho I wouldn’t rock this.

  7. Kelis has her own style so whatever she does hair wise is always different from the REST.. love me som la-leezi€,I love this on her she added some funk to it as she should have,I just hope she continues to fonk it out with different designs.I kinda feel like why copy after cassie did it but HEY whatever works for you I say go for it. To me its such a limiting hair style and kind wish lala would steped out the box more but she’s still a beauty….

  8. Kelis and LaLa wear it well…

    Its just not working for Cassie, I dont think anything works for Cassie. Her claim to fame will be to get knocked up by Diddy… You cant go wrong bein the baby momma of a mogul… (Sorry)

  9. Lala looks really cute. I know everyone wants this to be an edgy statement, but I think she makes it adorable and wearable.

  10. DAMN!

    Y’all should quit the Cassie hating.

    HATING is a disease….It looks like a lot of people here are infected….How sad!

  11. Why when people share their honest opinion does it have to be hating? Cassie is whack!…maybe you’re just a fan and that is okay, she does have fans who actually like her. But seriously Cassie is whack…lol. Definition of Hating:

    A hater is someone with no basis for a negative opinion. Someone who whines and bitches about something constantly without having achieved anything better as an alternative. Hate is an extremely negative opinion. Most people take a mildly negative opinion too seriously and falsely accuse someone of hating. Usually because they can’t take criticism.

    Basis for the opinions…or hate as you say…she has no talent (fact!) and she needs a burger and to grow back her hair so she doesn’t look like a little boy from Cambodia (fact).

  12. I agree. People throw the term Hate around quite loosely. We Do HAte how that hair looks on Cassie- we don’t hate her_ Who cares that much? We don’t know her- we just think she looks WACK with this cut. Before she cut it-people loved her- c’mon pay attention!! Had she spiced it up a little like lala did then maybe- but her’s is supposed to be “edgy” and she has no edges. Sit your wack ass down.

  13. way 2 keep it original LaLa. what a bamma.
    she has a pink range rover with rims on it so this is to be expected. LOL

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