A few weeks ago I was approached by a rather smooth young man- with a dope Varsity Jacket on while at an Event. He was eager to give me some info about a Clothing line he was apart of called Rich Wierdo. From the looks of the Varsity jacket-I knew it was something-the Fly People would be interested in.

Introducing Rich Wierdo


What is your inspiration as a designer?

As a designer I look to be inspired by  Music, Art and Wildlife. I blend all the elements and regurgitate it into wearable art.  Art for cLOTHING  LET ME SAY.
What’s your definition of fly?

To be FLY is to be totally what the people want. Weather it be a new shoe that you matched it up with or the way you speak. Any savvy uniqueness is FLY. But there’s always levels to it – Just because you got something different on doesn’t mean it’s Fly ,but the way one wears it can make it Fly.  Its all about your self, if you feel it -Then it is!
What is your take on the present state of Fashion?

I feel that fashion is at a great place. At this point almost everything has been done and it makes designers  really go outside the box. Its a lot more difficult for designers because of the times we are in, hate to mention it but the recession has people only purchasing out of necessity .  Here with RichWierdo Clothing  we  are a Brand , our designs define the confidence one shall have in themselves to make a statement of difference.

What Separates the brand from the pack?

What separates the Brand from the rest is that we are really a brand!  That has not just t-shirts, but cut and sewn garments  and all other necessities as well. RichWierdo Clothing never follows any trends -We make are own!!!!. We blend many different aspects of culture, texture, design, art and music!!!


What are the goals for your brand?

RichWierdo Clothing has a list of goals that will be met, a couple are to make the premium brand impression amongst all  living people.  Also to  open a flagship store in all four corners of the world ,New York  ,La ,China  ,And Europe. Overall to become the designers first choice when it comes time for them to Step oUT !!!

Rich Wierdo is SFPL approved. When you peep me in it- Scream @ Me! 🙂

For a more adhesive look @ Rich Wierdo visit them at RichWierdo.com

-Stay FLY!

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