T-Pain and Taylor Swift were spotted in rehearsal in Nashville, Tennessee for the 2009 CMT Awards airing next Tuesday.



So this is what Summer Jam in Detroit had to offer.

Looks like the Boss may have slipped a little too close…

You know where to meet us…

-Stay Fly!


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  1. 1.) TS: “I got Black friends!… WHAT!?! WERD!!!”
    T-Pain *thinking* “WTF!! did I sign up for?”

    2.) Girl: “OH Shit!!”

  2. OG Taylor: Hey T-Troutman, is this what it means to be something you’re not? T-Troutman: *autotunes* Please don’t judge me!!

  3. Well atleast that shows tpains versatility!Right direction…that “big ass chain” still bothers me.

    And Ricky Ross eyes look like Oh shit!haha nice

  4. T-Pain: Hey, have you seen my big ass chain?
    Taylor: Yea.
    T-Pain: NO, This BIG ASS CHAIN!!! *Auto-Tune* *Shawtyyyy*


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