While visiting the Eiffel Tower, Michelle Obama was recently spotted rocking a hot new purple neon plasteramic TOYWATCH.

info after the jump…

This friday, June 12th, ToyWatch will be giving away the exact watch michelle obama wore at their twitter giveaway!
To enter, just follow Toywatch on twitter. Friday morning they’ll ask a question, and the most favorite posted answer wins the watch.

They will be giving away a different ToyWatch every friday this June, so our followers will have 4 chances to win a Toywatch.


In other news, ToyWatch JUST launched their newest watch, The Jelly— which has interchangeable faces and straps so you can mix and match. You can play around with possible combinations (there are 72 possible combos in all): http://toywatchusa.com/content/The_Jelly_Shop.htm

-Stay Fly!

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