Ladies, look fresh and fly with a new ruffled Prada bag! This bag will most definitely catch the attention of everyone in sight. Simple but yet stylish.

Tessuto Ruffle Tote – Black $995.00
For those casual/classy nights out in the town, try clutching this baby under your arm. The stone detail along sets this clutch on fire! Whoa.

Stones Clutch – Pink


Make your way over to Barney’s! 
Don’t miss out! 
*Remember, you don’t have spend a lot of money on items these days. Find alternatives. Times are hard. We here at SFPL, like to give you an example of what’s hott and what look you should be going for.
From time to time, we will post alternatives for you. But for right now use items that we post, to help you find ideas & items that you may be searching for. Be creative.
Hope this helps! 
-Stay Fly!  






8 responses to “FLY TOTE OF THE DAY!”

  1. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    Ok SFPL- I need a recession friendly list for my lady. Please and thanks.

  2. Gabrielof SFPL Avatar
    Gabrielof SFPL

    *People, please attention to the note at the bottom of the post. Sheesh.

  3. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    It’s just a suggestion. Can you post some less expensive items as well. And this is coming from a very Loyal reader.

    You said you dont have to pay a lot of money-well give some examples please.

  4. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    I am SO loving the clutch!!!!

  5. Gabrielof SFPL Avatar
    Gabrielof SFPL

    thank you @OrangeStar616!

    A suggestion is understood. We pay much attention to what our readers think and I agree. In the meantime, will display items that the average may be able afford, but on the flip-side, someone can take the EXAMPLE and run with it. It works both ways…Trust me. Most lower brands get their ideas from higher brands.

  6. Meeka Avatar

    These bags are dope-I do see Swagga’s point- some examples of both would be nice_

  7. Natalie Avatar

    What Gabriel is saying is very true, a lot of times people look at high-end brands and draw inspiration from it. Part of being fly is that transition you can do it, please believe you can do it too


  8. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    I LOVE this blog…..yes yes yes look to the higher end items, darling even if its just a dream, LOL and then go about the business of being inspired in your quest for those choice items that agree with you & your coin!!!!!!!
    Style inspiration knows No limits chile, its everywhere!!!!!

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