Seriously, when does the coonery end?

This Hip-Hop  artist allegedly spent $400,000.00 on this Chain.

Just why?

peep the fool after the jump…

T-Stain Pain released these pics of his new chain via twitter.

You Know?

I mean really?

*Deep Sigh*

It’s not even a matter of hate. It’s a matter of principal and priorities. You can’t buy class so I won’t even mention it-you can however, set a better example for the generation who aspires to be Music’s Next Big thing.

That chain really says what?

His statement.

“10lbs. 197kts. Very very real I don’t know what fake feel like.$410,000. Hola señor recession proof. With 32 cars. Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account.I dont do dumb shit like this till I know the fams good. So don’t judge me frm what I buy. Judge me frm what I do. Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family. but thanx yo”

yeah, that changed…Nothing.

-Stay FLY!

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