Anne Hathaway stepped out of The Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon wearing a red Herve Leger mini. I have to admit, she filled it out quite well. But is it me, or has these Herve pieces been dated? I’m just sayin….

*Shades at night. No bueno.

Good looks Anne.

More pics after the jump…

I Got My Coffee And My Two-Step….

Tyra blazed the escalator giving her normal fierceness. Love the hair color and the baby hair. You Betta Do It Tyra!

Forget the LV bag in the background, Christina caught the attention of everyone in sight. Wow. Although, she appears to be mean-muggin’ at the moment, she still looks beautiful as ever.

-Stay Fly!





6 responses to “SEEN ON THE SCENE….”

  1. beautifuldaidreamer Avatar

    I agree, that Herve Leger Bandage dress has been killed, buried, and dug up…

  2. FabGlance1 Avatar

    That’s the best I’ve seen Tyra and Christina look in a LONG time! Anne looks good too.

  3. Sina Avatar

    love anne!She looked great go girl!

    Christina too,Tyra…not so much

  4. Sean Fitz Avatar
    Sean Fitz

    great color on Anne

    Hey Trya!

    Christina’s ring is SIC!

  5. MyFACE Avatar

    She is the color of Elmer’s Glue! get this lady to an island QUICK!

  6. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    eh…. not a fan of these folk stylewise or anything else…..and yes Anne could use some sun.

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