If only Plies would have left his Chain Next to his Gucci Pillows at home-he would have looked pretty damn decent….



*side bar* Someone please tell Tyrese that skulls and fire and cross bones are over. Not even permissable hanging out of your back pocket. They have been buried next to Von Dutch and Ed Hardy. Lock.In.  Jodie


Back to Young berg, The best I’ve ever seen you. Had you left Mr. T at home I would have never recognized you.

But, I gotta Move on….


-Stay FLY!





14 responses to “SO CLOSE…”

  1. MyFACE Avatar

    Plies? Isnt that Soulja Boy? And where is the pic of yung Turd?

  2. Reecie Avatar

    yeah, that is Soulja Boy, not Plies. and that cardigan is kinda fresh. too bad its him that’s wearing it!

  3. Rae Holliday of SFPL Avatar

    C’mon Readers I always switch their names around……

    Its a Joke….

  4. Bryan Avatar

    I think he got a new stylist..he’s been looking different these days

  5. $In City Avatar
    $In City

    It’s cool to tat your birth date on your hand. It’s as cool as tatting your own name on your hand, because you know, this is new information for you.

  6. Bryan Avatar

    Is that what that is..I was trying to read It I thought it was saying OPP ROFLMAO I’m slow as hell

  7. Joelle Avatar

    I love that Tyrese has lip gloss on in this picture…. AHAHAHA!!!

    As far as SB… I am done. I know I am getting old cause the tattoos are starting to get to me. And I concur about the skulls and fire crap. It is more a West Coast Bullshit than the East Coast. I don’t get it… NEXT!!

  8. D.Battle Avatar

    I thought it said OPP too, lol. I like the cardigan. The jewelry just over powers EVERYTHING!!! LOL @ Rae and the switching of the names. They have the same style really. lol

  9. mgross81 Avatar


  10. Gigi Strickland (The GlamSpot) Avatar

    Is it me or is Souljah boi long overdue for a manicure?!?!

  11. j.wright Avatar

    he makes me so sad.

    Thee cardigan/air yeezy/jean combo is super dope.
    If he would have left about 25 lbs of that jewlery at home he would have been super fly.

    oh well.

  12. Sina Avatar

    Lol totally got the plies joke first hand,Now he needs serious help in the fashion department.Soulja boy is soo cute though!Allow me to bask in a teenie bopper moment….*sigh*wait for it….wait for it….Alright back to the subject his outfit is fine jewlery in all but where do the fresh ass yeezys come in?Are they not Grey and Orange?am I missing something?And hey I have my name tatted in a heart on my hand!Problem?

  13. $in City Avatar
    $in City

    ^Every pair of Air Yeezy’s have a Pink Lining so that’s where they come in. Though the ones that’s coming out this saturday would had been the perfect choice, but you don’t want to overmatch your clothes. As for your name tatted on your hand, I got to go.

  14. show me state Avatar
    show me state

    does anyone know what kinda shades those are souja boy wearing? i think they’re the same one’s Fab has on in the “its my time” video at the end

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