I didn’t catch the Mtv Movie Awards…

But I did peep this Drama Between Bruno (aka Sacha Cohen) and Eminem.

What’s Real, what’s Fake?

Looks staged to me-what are your thoughts? Video after the jump…



What’s your verdict?

-Stay FLy?

9 thoughts on “WHOs REAL, WHOs FAKE?

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  1. Angela Yee says that DJ Wonder heard from someone at MTV that it was staged and that he was only supposed to land in Em’s lap… Maybe that’s why he is so mad.. even so no bueno. No matter whether it was lap or face. Mind you, I still haven’t watched it

  2. Waddup FL¡ society…. @ first I thought it was real bcuz of EM cursing,his facial experssion and the way his crew reacted,I thought I seen a body guard sock sasha but could be wrong. But its fake bcuz he had to be in on it… still funny as hell tho..

  3. MTV definitely staged that. If Em didnt know about it, which I doubt, he deserved it. Bout time he was the butt of everyone else’s jokes.

  4. Heres what I think

    Em did not have a mic on him, brunos mic picked up Em saying that stuff

    As for em sitting down when bruno was falling, everyone was sitting down not just em, no one else got up, its not like you expect a guy to land 69 on you anyway. Em didnt know MTV planned it, you can even see brunos leg holding the wire when he was in the air so he can be upside down. that pisses me off that MTV would do that. another reason to stop watching mtv

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