This is most definitely an LA thing….

Check out the New Boyz after the jump…

Could this be the new The Pack?

Well, if Soulja Boy can do it, they can do it too. Let the kids have fun.

-Stay Fly!

11 thoughts on “IS “JERKIN” THE NEW DANCE CRAZE?…

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  1. WOOWWW!! This is why no matter what you gotta love Black Americans…. we can come up wit some stuff!!! I’m feelin it! 80’s throwbacks and all!

  2. I’m putting on my skinny jeans and headed to Dance Class! i will not be out JERKED!

  3. This def. is an LA thing….As an East coaster, I remember watching an episode of Baldwin Hills seeing them dance at a party and thinking WTH is that they’re doing?! LOL

    But I can get down with this one!
    It’s ALOT better than some of those other fad dance crazes (ie chicken noodle soup, snap dance…)

  4. ^^I definately agree with that and I can remember that episode but gerren just looked weird doing it!
    Anyways,LOVE newboyz theyre super bomb!

  5. ummm..i guess itll have to grow on me, im not down with dances w/ names but it seems decent.

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