Top Ten Videos to watch

Can You feel the beat? Nope.

Cause my heart just stopped beating…

You KNOW I LIVE for a good Bomber.

Man Vs. Machine is giving me my Fashion Fix Right Now…

That Bomber on the left is giving me a headache… NIICE!

I think you should join me after the jump…

Using reflective surfaces and finishes in dark and vibrant colors, New York basedMan vs Machine best represent their intentions to create pieces that convey a sense of “individuality that interconnects with a modern age.” Flight and rider jackets exude modernism with their sleek stern lines and robot-inspired silhouettes, while leather jackets are effortlessly cool. In their quest of modern concepts, the refreshing aspect of Man vs Machine is that they find the balance between everyday accessibility and the need to push design forward.



-Stay FLY!


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