A Clean Finish is always a great look.

You just can’t go wrong.

via highsnobiety

For Spring 2009, saturated spring tones gain depth and subtlety in luminescent leather finishes and iridescent metal weaves. Bridging classic sport, modern design and refined casual fashion, PF continues to release fine sneakers.


FLY.BREAK.DOWN. after the jump…

The Perfect outfit for these fresh kicks you ask?

You already know I always ride out with a clean White V neck. So recession Chic. Word.

A simple Polo will rock out as well in a neutral spring color.

A good pair of camo cargo shorts are a Summer Must Have.

It always brings fresh simple kicks to life.

Get you one.

Just remember-to let the watch speak for itself. To much clutter on you wrist makes you look brand new.


-Stay FLY!

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