The Comfort Zone is apart of my Old School playlist on my Shy-Pod! I luv that song! It soothes the mood-takes me back to where there was no rent-only bills in my name that my Mom ignored! YAY!

Low and behold-Idris Elba is now a Singer and God Damn Vanessa Williams is back on the Block! *Sigh* Since I love Vanessa-I’ll give her a fair shake.

But-Don’t let me catch you in the streets Maxwell! I Blame You! (In my Mr. T Voice!)

Please understand, when I was little I was always confused about Adult Contemporary- What The Hell is that? I remember when En Vogue One Best adult Contemporary Album- I was pissed! They Couldn’t win a REAL Category! My Mom just shook her head.


This ish right here-is Adult Contemporary! Yay! I’m a grown up!

Let me have my Moment.


What’s your Verdict?

-Stay FLY!





4 responses to “THROWBACKs On DECK!”

  1. the other Jay Avatar
    the other Jay

    LMAOOOOOOO@Rae…”takes me back to where there was no rent-only bills in my name that my Mom ignored!”….. Those damn good ole days!

  2. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    Seriously, Rae- I just threw UP My Breakfast! You are on a God damn Roll Today!!!

    I f-ing LUV SFPL! LMAO!

  3. Joelle Avatar

    Interesting…. She still look good tho!! LOL!!

  4. D.Battle Avatar

    I don’t want no mo’ bills, lol.

    Once again great article. The witty remarks and comedic commentary prevails once again. Props to SFPL!
    The adult contemporary part had me laughing.

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