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The Classic White  Button down Shirt.

No Fly Wardrobe is complete without the Crisp White Button down. Its essential, and classic. I would be so bold as to say  there is nothing more classic or timeless than a White Button Down shirt.

Get into it…


There are Rules and regulations for The White Button Down Shirt.

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The over-sized white shirt will take you from Fly to Die in under 60 Seconds.  Please spare yourself the embarrassment-that may have worked in 96′ but Jodeci is long gone. From work to evening, your white button down should fit perfectly.

Look for a shoulder seam that sits squarely across the middle of your shoulder and sleeves that fall an inch or so past your wrist bone. Please Note-your palm should not be covered by the shirt!

Check that you can move your arms freely without the shirt tightening on your back or, pulling open across your chest-popping buttons is not a good look. If you are in-between sizes, buy the larger size and have a tailor make the simple alterations.


Dressed up for work 0r down for play-you can’t go wrong.


If you don’t own one-you must! 


Please note that there are many kinds of White shirts.


Start with your basic classic shirt and then you can branch off….

Cover the bases.

pssssssss This list is in no particular order. Just the Top 10 Essentials for all Fly people. The following staples will solidify or confirm your Fly Status 🙂 For the next few weeks we will be counting down, giving you enough time to obtain each item you may lack. Ha! It’s not a blog it’s a lifestyle!

For a Great White Shirt I suggest Banana Republic 

They have Ezcellent Fitting White Shirts ranging from $59-$79

Second Up H&M

Starting @ $39 You’d be surprised how perfect the fit is (Trust me I have three white shirts from there…).

-Stay FLY!


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