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First off Team Bobby V wins for putting him in the Brooklyn Circus Red Varsity Jacket in this video.

Good Move.

You can cop it here

However, Let me now say that Bobby’s first single Beep Beep Beep was one of the worse singles in the history of single-dom. Just what are you singing about? He’s been in the game too long for those horrible lyrics to manifest on his tongue. Where’s the progression? This songs substance is not much better either.

I mean really. Bobby work that out…


-Stay FLY!





4 responses to “NEW VIDEO: BOBBY V “HANDS ON ME””

  1. Regit Avatar

    The only thing about Brooklyn Circus is that they don’t have an online presence……That is so Super Lame!

    They really need to add e-commerce site to there blog / site.

  2. Fire Avatar

    What’s wrong with the back of bobby v’s head at the 3:04 Mark?

  3. Sin Avatar

    Regit, they need staff that’s strictly dedicated to the online store and nothing else. That was never the case and a online shop isn’t happening again.

    Bobby V isn’t the first celeb to run with the Circus, and he isn’t the first the Circus failed to promote their popularity with either. The whole blog is either “In-store cam, SF, samples that doesn’t see the light of day (well you always find a way =0) and staff promoting it. Can’t knock the hustle though.

  4. chudney Avatar

    is it just me…. everytime i hear this wack song i think of the song “rockin them stelletos” by somebody carr… i swear the beat is almost identical

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