I mean..


Almost *shrugs*

It’s too much and not enough at the same time. I’m not a fan of Harem Pants but I think she rocks them well. The Shoes are Dope, the scarf and blazer leave me *flat lined*….

Now picture her scarf being a nice top, I might have been sold.

The Pony tail doesn’t help either. This outfits screams for some bone straight assistance.


what’s your verdict?



-Stay FLY!

pics via Bossip





14 responses to “THE FLY VERDICT: CIARA AGAIN…”

  1. Frideezy Avatar

    The scarf is serving no purpose. I’m actually with the Blazer, it’s just a lil too loose. I think if it was shorter and more form fitting, it could REALLY be a good look. Not big on Harem pants either but there’s no beef with them here she pulled them off (although I only think she did so, because this designer didn’t make the crotch ride SUPER LOW, like they normally do)

  2. MissJodie Avatar

    i actually love it! i think the scarf is adding a pop if colour to an otherwise boring outfit. she def pulls of the harem pants look–not to mention those are an exceptional pair that she’s wearing

  3. Bryan Avatar

    Gotta agree with you on this one….the pants and shoes are right but the top portion just doesn’t look right to me

  4. RICHIE..ROB.$ Avatar

    waddup she rockin tha shoes real well,the harem pants arent bad on her honestly but still not a guud luuk.she most def shoulda left the pony along and opted for long hair dont care or even a body wave.the scarf is nice but not with this luuk or maybe if the pants were different and maybe if it didnt luuk like a big ass dead snake on her neck… lol TRY AGAIN CICI

  5. Meeka Avatar

    I’d say from the waist down-she’s good. The hair is a bad choice and the scarf is hot-but somethings not right…..naybe the Blazer and a blouse that pops…

  6. manipooh Avatar

    You gotta stay relevant some how.

  7. the other Jay Avatar
    the other Jay

    Ciara can pull almost anything off. Not a big fan out this look but she looks good.

  8. Coffy Avatar

    I’m disappointed, I hate the whole thing, no one should ever ever ever wear those pants. WTF, just “don’t touch that. dun duna a du… du du..dudu.” Scarf is just there, blazer should have been left home. I do like the shoes, but the rest is wiggidy wack.

  9. Ksyn Avatar

    I love the pants and the shoe on her. Maybe if there wasn’t a blazer and it was just the blk top with a different scarf it would be dope. Sometime simple is best. She is rocking those pants though.

  10. Aura Avatar

    Was the scarf meant to look like a boa constrictor trying to strangle her? Because that’s what she’s giving me. Outfit is hot from the waist down.

  11. ENDEsq Avatar

    I actually love this look on her. It has a certain…je ne sais quois. It’s just right to me.

  12. dunk Avatar

    it’s a no for me…

  13. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    that whole thing gets a FAIL from moi…..too much going on and just ughhh, the pant NO, the blazer NO and its May the scarf…no no no….. the two things I agree on are the shoes with another assmeble and maybe if that scarf were a top/corset even but as it is


  14. Sean Fitz Avatar
    Sean Fitz

    I love CiCi but this is a “miss’ for me… im sorry

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