The Fly Lights were Bright at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Let The Fly-Lights Begin…

Rae: ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. She just shut this ish down.

Gabriel: I have to give it to her stylist. She knows her ‘ish! Wow. (applause)

Rae: I don’t know what’s worse-his charm chain, the diamond encrusted flats, or looking like Valedictorian of Flight School. Smh

Gabe: Oh, Andre….I need you to get it together and please return the curtain drapes you stole.

Rae: Madonna is to old for these types of shenanigans. She looks like the Swine Flu…

Gabe: She looks like the Statue of Liberty with the Swine Flu.

Rae: Amber’s still around? Nice dress, she looks like a wax figure. Yeezy, how could you be so sockless?

Gabe: Not bad Amber! Kanye, I hope your used shea butter on those ankles homie. Me no likey.

Rae: Beautiful Ci Ci. I absolutely luv it.

Gabe: Ciara gave everyone a Fantasy Ride in that dress! Oowwwwww!!! She can get it!

Pick up Fantasy Ride today, May  5t!! (shameless plug)

Rae: Hmmmmm, I don’t hate the dress. I actually like it, and the cuff. I’m glad her baby hair is on vacation but the hair is a FAIL. Looks like a Mohawk.

Gabe: Dear Tyra, gurl you look good but the hair…please remove that braided crustacean off of your head. Thanks.

The End.

Rae: It would have been a good look if she pulled her hair back. She looks like Wonder Woman…

Gabe: I heard Bey was supposed to play the next Wonder Woman but they should reconsider and go with Katy.

-Stay Fly!

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