Halle was spotted out and about with baby Nahla and new haircut…

I digg.

Halle looks good in any do-few females can rock both long and short hair.


Shanti was spotted looking Spring fresh in some moderately ripped jeans and a good sandal.

Clean and Fresh, Let’s continue to keep this train on the tracks.


Keri was on decks in her normal uniform-jeans, kicks and a dopey looking hat. I really want her style to come together.

I do luv Keri, I just really want the hair to change to something other than everything she does.


Ciara is on a promoting spree in ATL, in a good denim jacket and Super C boots.


Bey and her Momma Across the pond, looking pretty good.


-Stay FLY!

2 thoughts on “WEEKEND FLY-LIGHTS…

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  1. I agree Keri is beautiful her style must get better tho- its wack! Bey looks Good. I like Ciara. Hope she does well…

  2. I like Halle Berry style always. Bey looks good. I kinda like Keri style in an odd way. Idk I can’t get with Ciara so much why does her ponytail have to always be pushed soooo back in a ponytail, she should have a serious headache.

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