Lecrae Partners with Love Beyond Walls To Plant Portable Wash Stations Around Atlanta Metro Area.

We here at Stuff Fly People Like are dedicated to bringing you all the good news in the midst of this Global pandemic called The Corona Virus.

And this is FLY! Multi Grammy Award-winning platinum selling artist, Lecrae (and friend of the Fly People) has partnered with Love Beyond Walls to plant portable hand washing stations around the Atlanta Metro Area, with the purpose of ensuring that homeless and displaced people have the option of cleaning their hands in response to Coronavirus (Covid19).


(Executive Director and Founder of Love Beyonce Walls, Terence Lester)

How Fly Is That?

Before the announcement, Stuff Fly People Like caught up with Lecrae to get the scoop, and this is what he had to say:

Stuff Fly People Like: “We heard that you are doing some great things in the city of Atlanta to help with this pandemic, can you tell us a little more about that?”

Lecrae: “Yes, my good friend Terence Lester runs a non profit called, Love Beyond Walls. I’ve worked with him for years to get involved to help people experiencing homelessness, to hear their stories and humanize them. And I’m taking my staff and my artist over to the Dignity Museum, that he created, just to help us wrap our minds around how to help people experiencing homelessness. During the pandemic, a lot of us are buying up the hand sanitizers, and we have the space at home to wash our hands, and we are not thinking about people who don’t have the means to wash their hands. People who are at risk, because they have tuberculosis or bronchitis from the conditions that they live in. So who is taking care of these folks? So Terrence and I got together, and I asked him, what can I do? And he said, I want to get some portable sinks to put out all over the city. And I asked him the cost, he told me, and my answer was, say no more, let’s do it. So I brought some portable sinks, and I partnered up with him, and we are going to put them throughout the city. So that people experiencing homelessness can have the opportunity to sanitize on a consistent basis.”

We can’t express how commendable this is!

The initiative kicked off at 10am Today, Thursday March 19th at Love Beyond Wall’s Center located at 3270 East Main Street, College Park, GA 30337.

Lecrae will join the Love Beyond Walls team at 10am to begin assembling the sinks after which they will be filled with water, loaded on trucks, and distributed to key locations frequented by the homeless in the Atlanta Metro Area.

For more info on Love Behind Walls, visit here.

Please spread the word!

-Stay Fly!

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