Seems like Jay and Bey had the same idea as the Fly Guys as they took to the streets of NYC to enjoy the Dope weather this Saturday…

We were also in Soho, accompanied by our homie and fellow blogger Bryan Maltier…

Bey was rockin those Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals, she looked comfy to say the least. I digg Jay’s Crooks and Castles fitted, but he looks like he took the rest of the outfit right out of a hamper and put it on….smh

Let me rewind back to Friday Evening, while in route to the Janelle Monae concert (post coming soon) I bumped into a classic example of why bamas get sick.

I mean really?

It was 70 plus degrees on Fri-DAY. By that Evening, not so much.

I thought I was in the sequel to Napoleon Dynamite.

I just know his night ended with Glowsticks and Please Don’t Stop the Music bumpin from some speakers…

Although Saturday’s weather was Sunny and Dry this young lady (and many others ) didn’t want to give up her Winter boots.

A hunting we will go…

Nothing prepared us for the foolishness that came in the form of a Christmas Present on the F Train.

Talk about a d*&% in a Box….

I mean, where was she going?

I wanted to call her a cab.

Just Wow, New York…Wow!

And ending off our ride…

What’s worse then little white flats….?

(Nothing secretly)

Tight white slacks to match….


NOT FLY, Homegirl.



-Please, Stay FLY! 🙂

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