If Someone would be so kind as to grab Donnie Klang, sit him in front of a PC and press play….


I would GREATLY appreciate it.

(ohh a few female artists who lack stage presence as well would be nice….)

To the naked eye, it looked like she KILLED this performance.

She didn’t.

If you didn’t really notice, the DANCERS performed harder than she did.

She just looked the part, and did a little screaming.

Get it?

Dope Dancers (check) Dope Band (check) Dope Stylist (check)

I rest my case.


Now go get Christina Milian…

-Stay FLY!






3 responses to “HOW TO STAY IN THE RACE…”

  1. nya2003 Avatar

    in her defense she was wearing body armor…it restricts movement!

  2. MadPet Avatar

    Dope dancers, dope band, and dope stylists huh?? I think you failed to mention that the child look like she’s on dope. U got to be high off some substance in order to perform like that.

  3. Aftertaste Avatar

    Here’s the issue I have with Lady GaGa. Her look is fierce, but when she goes out, she wears the same things that she would wear on stage. It’s not becoming, and I believe that this whole looks that she’s doing is such a gimmick. However, she is a little talented. I’ve seen her sing this song while playing the piano, and she put some funk on it. Came across the video when I should have been studying. lol. What she needs to do is keep the hand out that wig when she’s performing because we don’t need it to fall off. All her songs sound the same to me. After “Just Dance”, I haven’t been keeping up with her. All it is is hype and gimmicks. It’s 2009, and the recession has me drained. I need something to sustain me. Lady GaGa isn’t it.

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