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  1. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    Altho her Assets are NICE. Is she really selling assets for Kanye’s Kicks?

  2. Arcieri Keness Avatar

    For these dull yet over-hyped LV shoes of his why would he add Amber to the mix? She simply stole the show… for a second there I totally forgot this was about Mr. Gayfish.

  3. I'm Just Saying... Avatar
    I’m Just Saying…

    Awaiting the moment when her 15 minutes of fame are up. How much time does she have left?

  4. Slim Avatar

    Why is she in this ad??

  5. $incere Avatar

    Can’t believe LV co-signed this ad. Do they think that having a naked chic in their ad is going to make people overlook Kanye’s overpriced reeboks?

  6. highSnob Avatar

    I ain’t mad at Amber’s body. WOW. But my question is……why is this nigga wearing a brown sweater, tan pants, and BLACK SHOES???????????????? That shit looks terrible.

  7. cookie Avatar

    I am still trying to figure out why Louis Vuitton is even letting these shoes come out. This is ridiculous! And why is Amber even in this add??? These fake rappers biting at what little money is out there…why not give away an album like Symon Dagrapp No Hooks-No Gimiks Includes: We Made You Eminem Diss Check Out The Video Now Playing Everywhere Online and Get The Full Free Album Online at SPITTITCLEARREC May 19, 2009 or THABLACKYOU. TUBE Hear The Full Album 16 New Bangers Now Playing! @ SPITTITCLEARREC

    Global Message: Why Keep Trying to fix your Played Out Artist When You Can Change To a New One Thats Real and Save All That Hate That Dont Fix Anything.

  8. bill blass Avatar
    bill blass

    in that first pic there is some serious airbrushing gone wrong. look at kanyes grill. wow. as far as amber…shes gone from a south philly stripper to a louis ad, not too bad

  9. cestmoijoley Avatar

    the shoes are lame. i agree with whoever said they look like reeboks…and why must amber be in a submissive position? why couldn’t she be standing beside him…like her head on his crotch …wtf? ? ? i dont see anything atrtistic about this…just a naked chick on a couch, and some overpriced kicks. Wow …good luck to both of them.

  10. Nat Avatar

    if you are going to tan…tan your face…she looks like a half baked piece of bread with a tan line

    DEAD at highSnob but please at the color of her skin and that caramel couch….Im thinkin they tried to encopmpass all shades of brown

    Ninjas still cant afford that shit

  11. wina Avatar

    Um…I’m confused……and amber looks like a dead rose!

  12. Coffy Avatar

    I didn’t even notice yeezy’s overpriced shoes. I thought he was advertising the fact he gets blow jobs from her.

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