*side bar* I still hate it.


Someone please tell Terricka from Candy Girls that her attitude is WACK! Ungghhhhhh

And secretly, with out make up she’s pretty scary.


I hate Saaphyri’s voice with a passion. I’d listen to Lil’ Kim all day than hear her shrieking…


So For the love of Ray J is going to do what for his career? I mean, I don’t think any one is going to run out and buy a Ray J Album….

I’m Just Sayin’…


Why were there like 6 episodes of Harlem Heights? C’mon BET can we get some time to let the show progress into what it needs to be… I mean The Hills Seasons last for like 6 Months… smh


I’m glad Tiny turned down The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I already KNOW we were NOT ready for her & Family.


-Stay FLY!


Add yours

  1. Harlem Heights just ended on a weird note, I mean doesn’t it kind of say something about BET? College Hill is still on yet Harlem Heights seems to be dunzo? Did it even have a conclusion? SMH I don’t understand BET… at all.

  2. -I hate Cassie’s hair she deserves applaud for being different, but damn did she do different in the wrong way. At least make your hair on the other side shorter (like Claire, ANTM, Cycle 10)
    -We don’t get Candy Girls in London 🙁 [Loool well I don’t think we do]
    -I liked Saaphyri until I heard the whole runaway thing was true?? And woah is that strech marks i see all over her tittie’s lool

  3. If Cassie’s hairstyle becomes a trend, I’m not going outside for a while.
    Saw the first episode, and made a vow that I wouldn’t watch it again. Terricka’s attitude is a terrible stereotype gone right.
    For the Love of God, end this show already.
    If Harlem Heights is cancelled, yet Baldwin Hills lasted for a couple of seasons with a new one on the way, BET is as retarded as they say.
    Tiny would make that corny show better. The best thing about TRHOA is NeNe.

  4. Terricka from Candy Girls is not that hot to be demanding stuff on that show! side bar* neither is brooke

  5. You see all the logos behind Saaphyri…taco bell, bud light, comedy central…geesh speaks for itself…lol.

  6. I hate Terricka.

    I double hate Ray J.

    Harlem Heights just got good last week! Ungh!

  7. Im goin to go ahead and say that Diddy has drove Cassie crazy. So she did a Brittany spears.

  8. ahh yes reality tv,my secret addiction. where to begin..i HATE Terricka’s attitude too, she almost made sweet ol’ Olivia cry..smh i felt for her,lol. I have a nickname for Saaphyri….GRANDMA..lmao! im sorry but BET kills brain cells…nothing worth watching..i keep thinking back to that Boondocks episode,lol. VH1s not much better tho, that rayJ show was a snoozefest until i realized that Danger was certifiably INSANE..lmao!

  9. lets not comppppaaare harlem heights with the hills…the hills is a CASH COW, not to mention entertaining…and it has a lil better visual quality than harlem heights…harlem heights..is pretty much a bore.

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