The fellas of Day 26 participated in their Album release festivities last night…

Reality TV is not always a good thing.

Simply because I can’t stand the sight of Robert-Unghhhh he’s so annoying.

However, the fellas were Up staged by The Artist formerly known as America’s Next Top Model.

Who showed up in belted Harem Pants *Blank Stare*

I see what she was trying to do, but that would require a little more meat and potatoes Cha Cha

No Comment on the jacket…

Cheri Dennis was there…

I just can’t…

Dawn was in the building rockin’ a good pair of Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals.

I just need that hair pulled back and for you to go a little lighter on the make up.

Luv you tho 🙂


-Stay FLY!





9 responses to “FOREVER IN A DAY…”

  1. Ian Jarrell of Avatar

    dawn keep rocking that same look! Come on girl I know you can do better

    BYE Cheri Dennis!!

  2. L. Avatar

    Dawn looks crazy. Crazy. Crazy. The corpse like make up and mop on her head make me so angry.

    Jaslene actually look s like a decaying corpse. I’m a slim girl myself but HOT DAYUM.

    Moment of silence for Cheri Dennis.

  3. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    Dawns make up is always Wack!

    Cheri Dennis needs HELP!

    I hate Robert, Brian and Mike, and sometimes Que.

  4. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    Ohhh and that lil boy who won ANTM is the Worse!

  5. ENDEsq Avatar

    How can you tell what Jaslene was trying to do? She is a jumbled up mess of fabric…and that red “fur” is a GAG!!!!!!!!! No, thank you.

    And, Cheri Dennis—where *you* been? And why is your hair still pink? And why does it look like you went to the kitchen beautician? And you ain’t been to nobody’s gym in a while, have you? Girl, are you still a Bad Boy artist? How you get an invite to the party? How did you get on the red carpet looking like that? Ooooh, no ma’am.

  6. A. Red of Avatar

    I am not about to eff’ around and play with Cheri dying her hair with Red Kool-aid. Diddy needs to let her clean up the damn studio or something to make some money on the side. Seriously.

    Jaslene is giving me too much Amy Winehouse. Somebody needs to help her.

  7. Ric Avatar

    wtf?! is with Dawn and her single blue toenail? Who told her that was cute?

  8. ROB..$o.FL¡.. Avatar

    Waddup cuzzo!! Still need tht number .. !!! Um there is a lot going on here. 1st-robert can’t dress to save his damn lyfe,his hair,voice,style(which he dosent have) WHACK.. well hell they all can’t dress so case closed. Cha cha diva luuks like she’s been ummm sniff sniff. I mean she was already bones but DAMN… ms dennis ms dennis ms dennis WTF is yo deal ?? Last but not least dawn tries but she just dosent hit it out tha park like she should. I mean don’t have on one of the hottest shoes and everything else be just whack…

  9. bill blass Avatar
    bill blass

    yes, one look at robert and i cant help but laugh. those silly yarn hats are not a good look.

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