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I ran across one of my favorite singers that I haven’t heard from in a very long time. The little songstress is Tweet’s protege: “Tashawna”. Since Tweet’s last album, in which Tashawna performed a duet with her mom, I was officially a fan since that time. She has really been blessed with a beautiful voice.


Tashawna is currently in the studio, working on a new album under the direction of Umbrella / Universal Studios.

I cannot wait!

*sidebar* Tweet, please come back! We need you!

-Stay Fly!

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  1. I went to middle school with Tashawna and she really has come into her own.. I can’t wait to see what you comes out with.

  2. I, too, became a fan of Tashawna’s voice after the “Tow Of Us” duet on Tweet’s Sophomore effort. This video completely won me over…and ol’ boy’s tone is absolutely gorgeous!!

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