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Tinashe wants us to ‘Die A Little Bit.’

Listen Ya’ll, we don’t know what it’s gonna take to make Tinashe POP like the star she is, but we are glad she keeps going for it. Our girl has chucked the majors the deuces and decided to go the Indie route this time around, and we ain’t mad. According to;

Tinashe’s split with record label RCA earlier this year was a symbolic transfer of creative power back to an artist who many believe shouldn’t have been limited by label executives in the first place.


Her new single, ‘Die a Little Bit,’ features British rapper, Ms. Banks, and we must admit, it’s a BOP!

Now you know, we LOVE Tinashe on a dance floor, so the minute the beat drops, you know what time it is. And she doesn’t disappoint. We hope this works for her, because lord KNOWS she deserves a break. Step in, and give us your thoughts.

Cheers to hoping it’s only up from here.

FYI, This is the first release off of her new indie imprint, Tinashe Music Inc.

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=560 height=315 type=iframe]

-Stay Fly!

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