LUGGAGE SWAG: Gucci Viaggio Travel Luggage Collection


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As one of the newest luggage collections from Gucci, the Gucci Viaggio (Viaggio is Italian for travel) series is based upon clean aesthetics with a certain degree of travel performance. The material at hand is based on a durable, lightweight resin material. A firm representation of the brand is seen via a rubber emblem. Depending on the needs and tasks at hand, the collection has most bases covered from specific uses for laptops to carry-alls and rolling luggage. The collection which debuted last year is available now at select Gucci retailers.
Picture me rollin’ through the airport with this luggage set! Owwwwww!!!

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3 responses to “LUGGAGE SWAG: Gucci Viaggio Travel Luggage Collection”

  1. Tunde Avatar

    i actually like this collection.

  2. Suai Avatar

    i wish they’d done something different with the handles, but other than that, i’d knock em dead in the airport with THIS set. really clean and simple, love it!

  3. Swagga Like Mine Avatar
    Swagga Like Mine

    I luv how clean it is….NICE

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