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Riq’s Stupidity Unites Ghost and Tommy Again…For The Time Being


Source: Power / Starz

While the shootout was going down at the penthouse Riq and Elisa Marie were out enjoying hot chocolate. After Riq help’s deliver the now-orphan to her Uncle Benny, Riq is grabbed up by Vincent and his goons. It would seem that he caught on to the fake pills in the bottle and now is going to make him pay.

Ghost arrives at his apartment and is saddened to see his favorite attorney has been killed but has no idea what the hell happened. He is also worried about Riq more than anything and cuts off Saxe and Blanca’s questioning when he receives a phone call from Riq. At the same time, Tommy gets a 9-1-1 text from his nephew telling him to meet up with him at Coney Island. Apparently, Riq sent both his dad and uncle the same message, and they learn that when they bump into each other at the amusement park.

Before the former friends and business partners could start fighting with each other Vincent reveals himself and tells them that it was he who called them to the location. He informs both of them that he has Riq and that if they want to keep Riq alive, they have to pay him $2 million to save his life. Based on the preview from next week’s episode looks like the gang will have to come together again to save the knucklehead teenager.

Photo: Power / Starz

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