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Tommy Goes On A Cancel Christmas Spree


Source: Power / Starz

There is no doubt about it, zero f*cks Tommy is our favorite. There were plenty of loose strings to tie up, and Tommy made sure he did that. He took all the info he acquired from both Tasha and Proctor to make sure there will be one left to ruin his business. His first Christmas cancellation was Maria Suarez. Before he could put a bullet in her head, Saxe stops by to discuss some details about her dropping dime on her husband’s killers, Ghost, and Tommy.


Source: Power / Starz

After Saxe leaves, Tommy comes out of closet armed with his silence handgun and wastes no time in silencing her for good. He takes the stack of cash Ghost gave her as a parting gift. Ghost eventually shows up and finds the young woman’s corpse, looks like James was there to finish the job, but was too late. He takes the envelope he put the money in and leaves before the cops and feds show up.

Tommy isn’t finished though, there is one more loose end to get rid of, and that is Proctor. Tommy sends 2-Bit to kill the bailiff who poisoned Alicia Jimenez during her trial. That only leaves Proctor and to make sure his path to his target is clear he calls in a favor from his nephew Riq. Tommy instructs the struggle dope boy to deactivate the security alarm and leave the back door open. He also tells him to get the hell out of dodge cause he intends to let the choppa spray…literally.

Riq does what his Uncle asks and before he leaves, comes across a crying Elisa Marie in his dead twin sister’s room. Not wanting her to be around while her dad is being shot at, Riq convinces her to come with him to get hot chocolate. With them out Tommy is cleared to rub out Proctor and he is packing some ridiculous heat. Armed with an assault rifle, Tommy sprays Ghost apartment with bullets trying to kill his target. Proctor armed with just a handgun defends himself, but he’s a terrible shot and is just wasting bullets.

He runs to the room where he believed his daughter would be and is surprised to find out she is not there. He calls her phone and is relieved to learn she is not in the penthouse and far away from the action. While he makes his last stand in Raina’s room, he tells Elisa Marie to not come back to the apartment and to straight to her Uncle Benny’s house. He says goodbye to her for the final time in a somber moment before Tommy finally breaks in the room and fills him up with bullets. Now before he got his Christmas canceled he gave his daughter a locket with a memory card in it. We are sure that will come back to bite either Tommy or Ghost in the ass somehow.

So long Proctor you had a nice run, hate it had to be you, my brother.


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