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James Decides To Step Away From Tate’s Campaign


Source: Power / Starz

Rashad Tate’s campaign for the governorship of NYC loses one it’s most prominent faces. Ghost calls an impromptu meeting to tell them face-to-face that he will be stepping back from Tate’s campaign. While this is welcoming news to Rashad, it concerns Ramona who reveals much to the surprise of Ghost that his stunt at the press conference helped Tate rise in the polls.

Ramona does her best to try to convince Ghost *coughs* we mean James to reconsider, but his mind is already made up. Plus before he could have any second thoughts, Tate thanks him for his decision before cockily pointing out this is his campaign and he agrees with James.

Ramona doesn’t give up though and makes a second pitch to James over dinner. Even Stevie Wonder can see that Ramona wants James to *in our best Bossip voice* smash her political cakes to smithereens and he knows it. She makes a solid case to James as to why he should come back and that “the man” is better than the perceptions that people have of him based on previous situations. While we think Ghost is doing all of this as some sort of plan that will play out later, it would seem Romana is making a strong impression on him.


Source: Power / Starz

After a classic television hand touching moment, James announces that he has to go to handle other matters A.K.A. Ghost matters that we will be discussing later in this recap. He plants the seed that they should link up without Tate around again, and of course, Ramona is on board with that.


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