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'Power' Season 6, Episode 5, 'King's Gambit' Recap

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Last week James saw ghosts… literally. He was being haunted by his dead mistress/girlfriend Angela and her red dress throughout the episode. Listening to the specter, he decided not to kill Maria Suarez but instead gave her a chance to live her life. He also tried to take out Tommy in a failed hit with some assistance from friends in high places that didn’t go unnoticed. Dre went back to his double-crossing ways to make sure he is positioning himself to take over and get his daughter back from the clutches of the Feds. Tasha opened up her daycare and made a new friend, but we are very suspicious of homie and his baby shower Burberry shirt. Riq learned the hard way that stealing and selling drugs isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Proctor thought he was finally rid of his ex-wife and watched her overdose on booger sugar. All of these actions bore consequences that played off in in the 5th episode of the shows 6th and final season.

Vincent Calls In That Favor From Riq


Source: Power / Starz

Riq’s foray into the world of narcotics is off to a ridiculously bumpy start. After Riq stole pills from his Uncle Tommy only to have them taken away, the son of Ghost has to somehow secure double the product for Vincent now. His “new boo” and business partner, Effie might be playing the young pill pusher. After a game of chess where Riq bested her using the ‘King’s Gambit’ move, she sends a text to an unknown person informing them that Riq is out of pills and she is going to “keep an eye on him.” This is directly after him receiving a text from Vincent informing him it’s time to deliver on the goods.

You can’t trust anyone on this show. N O B O D Y.

Anyway, Riq gets the bright but seriously dumb idea to try and trick Vincent by giving him a bottle full of baby aspirin. While utilizing the schools AP room (another bonehead ass move) Effie is the shadows watching her mark fluff up the pill bottle. This whole situation is getting out of control. Anyway, Riq takes the product to Vincent and for the moment thinks he is in the clear, but he will quickly learn that is not the case.

Riq gets a surprise visit from his mom and Choate’s Dean, and it would appear somebody Tekashi 6ix9ine’d the amateur drug dealer. Could it have been Effie? After learning he has been expelled pending an investigation, Riq takes one last look at the chessboard, do you think he knows it was Effie that played him? As punishment, he is forced to stay with his dad at the penthouse and Ghost is not too happy to see his boy traveling down the dark path.

After an exchange where Tasha intervenes before Ghost beats the breaks off his smart mouth son, the estranged couple has an argument over who is responsible for their son’s behavior. Tasha storms out of her former home, while Ghost is going to get some more guests and we will touch on that later.


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