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Proctor’s Power Move Against His Ex-Wive May Get Him Trouble

Power Episode 604

Source: Power / Starz

Proctor’s ex-wife is in a terrible spot. She is failing to deliver in her end of the bargain with Saxe bringing him nothing he can use from the spying device he gave her. After her last meeting with Saxe, he threatens to expose her for the bad parent she is if she doesn’t get a smoking gun for him to use against Ghost.

Proctor being the brilliant guy he is, stops by her apartment to drop off their daughter. Before his estranged wife arrives, he drops a letter in her mailbox. Once she shows up, she quickly opens the mailbox and notices the mail he deposited, which happens to be a letter from the New York Bar exam. She opens the letter and learns she failed the exam, which she was counting on to help her land a new job. PLUS Proctor’s slick ass dropped more lies boasting about hooking up with his secretary and even going as far to show his ex-wife a ring he was going to propose with.

Proctor basically planted a seed which would lead to his ex-wife resorting back to cocaine to help her cope, and it grew rather quickly. After receiving a call from his daughter, Proctor heads back to the house and finds his estranged wife high out of her mind. She apparently gets a bad batch of coke, and her body begins to react to it.

While Lindsay is dying, she begs Proctor to help her and call 911, but he decides not to, letting her OD. While she is dying, he tells her lifeless body he won’t let her take his daughter from her. The recording device on his daughter’s backpack picked that all up, this might be the first time Proctor has slipped up really badly.


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