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Riq Is Way In Over His Head

Power, Season 6, Episode 4

Source: Power / Starz

Ghost 2.0, aka Riq, is learning that the drug game is no joke. He has no pills to push, but a text message from Vincent could change that. Last season Riq got in bed with the mobster who supplied him with his first go-around of product. Vicent calls in a favor revealing a location where Riq can get some pills. Little does Riq know he will be stealing from his own Uncle Tommy.

Riq sneaks in the warehouse where Tommy stashes his supply and steals a sizeable amount of pills. He almost gets caught by 2-Bit, Spank and Black Grimace but manages to sneak out of the warehouse. Tommy stops by Vincents to see if he can unload some of the product on him, but Vincent claims he already has some excellent product. When he shows him the bottle, Tommy quickly realizes that it’s his drugs that Vincent has. Tommy quickly figures out that it was his nephew who supplied Vincent with the pills, and Uncle T is not too happy to learn that. He tells Vincent to stay away from Riq before leaving the bar.

Tommy immediately heads to Riq’s school to confront his nephew and get to the bottom of things. Riq lies to him at first telling him he got the pills from Kanan, but Tommy doesn’t believe him. Tommy pleads with Riq to not get involved with the drug game and makes him promise to stop. Riq agrees and but you know his ass is lying and Tommy leaves the bag full of product. Riq’s hard-headed ass heads back to see Vincent and of the mob boss is not too happy. He tells Riq that they are still working together and informs him that he will have to bring back double the weight he originally supplied. Looks like Riq bit off more than he can chew.


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