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Terry Silver Who? Tasha Finds A Potential New Boo Already

Power Episode 604

Source: Power / Starz

Looks like Tasha is rebounding quickly over Terry Silver. Her plan to open her own daycare to make some legitimate money. With the help of Tate and the care package, the DNC sent him Ramona Garrity she has the building to run the business. While surveying the property, she gets a visit from a handsome gentleman. He just happens to be looking for a daycare for his daughter. Dressed in the classic baby shower fit, the Burberry button-up, the two exchange pleasantries and you can immediately sense the chemistry between the two. While nothing happens during their first encounter, he gives Tasha his phone number.

Their second encounter things heat up quickly. He asks Tasha out on a date, but she declines and says she doesn’t do bars and especially clubs. She decides to pop open a bottle of wine she had stashed in her desk, and the two new friends decide to have a drink. They don’t even get to finish their wine before they start kissing and removing clothing. Before things get incredibly steamy, Tasha tells him to stop because she wants to take things slowly. He agrees and asks her on a real date, and she agrees to it.

The daycare is finally finished and guess who comes to pay a visit? If you guessed Ghost, you are 100 percent correct. He is not too thrilled to see this is where his money is going, but he knows there isn’t anything he can do about it. While the estranged couple is arguing, Tasha’s new boo walks in, and Ghost is not too happy to see him. Sensing that it’s not a good look, Tasha takes him outside, Ghost, on the other hand, isn’t too happy see Tasha already has a potential love interest. After Ghost leaves, Tasha tells her new boo that the idea of the two of them dealing with each other is a bad idea. She probably is trying to do the guy a favor knowing that dealing with her is a death wish. He, of course, is adamant about hooking up with Tasha and says he doesn’t fear Ghost, but he has no idea who he is dealing with, and Tasha knows it. We know this isn’t the last we will see of him at all.


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