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Dre Is Back To His Double-Crossing Ways

Power Episode 604

Source: Power / Starz

It doesn’t take Dre too long to resort back to his old ways. With the deal with Saxe already in place, Dre decides to link up with Proctor behind Saxe’s back. Proctor seeing this as an opportunity for Ghost brings him by Truth, and of course, Ghost isn’t too happy to see his former protege at all. Before he can get a word out, Ghost grabs Dre by the throat hilariously threatening to kill him with a pen. Proctor finally gets his client to calm down and listen to why he brought Dre by in the first place.

Dre explains why he is working with Saxe and that the prosecutor has his daughter and is using her as collateral to make him get dirt on his former boss. Dre also reveals there is another witness out there that could implicate Ghost. Proctor convinces Ghost that they should use this to their advantage and James agrees with his attorney. James tells Dre that he down with the idea, but he has to wear a wire so they can listen to what he tells Saxe.

Little do they know Dre is playing both sides and after listening in on Ghost’s meeting with Jason senses a way back into the drug game. During a meeting with Saxe, he learns of the other witness and relays the information to Ghost. Now that James knows where Maria Suarez’s location, the nightclub owner heads to his safe to collect his gun and an envelope. He tells Dre to follow him, while on the way Dre sends a text to Saxe informing him that Ghost is strapped and on his way to see the witness. Once they arrived at the apartment, he shoots off another text message telling Saxe to send in the calvary but is shocked when Ghost hands Maria the envelop full of cash instead of killing her.

Dre sends another message to Saxe telling him to back off, but it’s too late. As they pull off, the FBI shows up, and Dre is looking nervous, hoping Ghost didn’t see them in the rearview mirror. Chances are extremely high they did, and we also refuse to believe that Ghost doesn’t know Dre is doublecrossing him.


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