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Power Episode 604

Source: Power / Starz

In our best *James St.Patrick voice*, previously on Power, Dre survived a hit from the Jimenez Cartel and killed Donovan for whatever reason. After he got picked up trying to escape, Saxe offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse, get dirt on Ghost, and he will get his daughter back. Speaking of Ghost, Jason is using both him and Tommy to his advantage to carry out his dastardly deeds, mainly take out his competition, Alicia Jimenez. The episode closed with Ghost calling Tommy offering a truce and extending an olive branch so they can take out Jason together. Tommy said nah and promised to cancel Ghost’s Christmas the next time he sees him.

Ghost Is Dealing With Angela’s Death In A Very Unusual Way

Power Episode 604

Source: Power / Starz

Angela’s death hit Ghost harder than we thought. With the combination of things around him falling apart like his family, his business, and the Queens Child Project, he is starting to see Angela. Ghost clearly feels responsible for her death and is compensating by having a convo with his dead sidepiece. Dressed in the red dress she wore to her first visit to Truth, Angela isn’t making things easy for the mentally vulnerable former drug lord. She is also questioning his guilt and if Ghost really feels sorry for her death and is trying to make things right, why is Tommy still alive?

Angela’s “ghost” is having an immediate effect on Ghost who sets out to please satisfy her wishes. He once again tries to take out Tommy after learning of his drug routes from Jason during an impromptu meeting. Ghost somehow uses his pull with the city council to schedule gas pipework on the streets that hold up Tommy and his crew. Having to improvise, Tommy, 2-Bit. Spanky and Black Grimace use the ambulance they utilized to spring Alicia Jimenez. The delay was long enough for Ghost to open a window of opportunity to make a move on his former partner. Ghost rams his truck into the ambulance, hops out the vehicle, and begins to open fire on the Tommy and 2-Bit. Now don’t ask us how James missed basically at point-blank range but he damn sure did. His poor shooting allowed Tommy and his goon to escape without being harmed.

Tate’s spy checks to inform the wannabe Governor of NYC of what is going down. Rashad calls in his a favor to some cops under his payroll to scoop up Ghost before the real cops show up. Tate warns Ghost to chill, and Ghost tells him to stay out of his way. Ghost heads back to the penthouse, and he sees Angela once again. Despite him showing mercy to Maria Suarez (we will get into detail about that), Angela still doesn’t believe that Ghost is trying to change. Ghost doesn’t want to kill anymore or be involved in the drug game, but certain things and people won’t let him flourish.


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