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Will Jason’s Plan To Kidnap Alicia Jiminez Somehow Unite Ghost and Tommy?

Power, Season 6, Episode 3

Source: Power / Starz

Jason is really taking advantage of the beef between Ghost and Tommy. Last week he found a way to get money from the former friends and now this week he is using them to take out the competition. Jason hatches a plan to kidnap Alicia Jimenez from federal custody while on her way to trial. Instead of carrying out the scheme himself, he recruits Tommy and Ghost separately giving each of them an incentive if they successfully accomplish the goal.

While we really have no idea what Ghost planned to kidnap Alicia, it was Tommy and his goons surprisingly who had the best scheme to capture the drug lord. After Alicia takes a sip of a spiked glass of water that sends her to the bathroom, Tommy’s new ride-or-die chick, Keisha sends her boo the message that Jimenez is passed out in the bathroom. 2-Bit and Spank show up disguised as EMT workers and wheel here out on a stretcher and load her up into a stolen ambulance.

Ghost in his very lame disguise is watching all of it go down right before his eyes in disbelief. He immediately wraps up his attempt at kidnapping Alicia and hops in his escape vehicle. Before he can leave he sees Tommy, and they make eye contact with Egan acknowledging he outsmarted Ghost with a tip of his hat. When the drugged Alicia wakes up, she refuses to reveal her trafficking network, her decision to not talk earns her a bullet to the head. With her dead, Saxe no longer needs Dre and threatens to take his daughter away, but if he agrees to help him nail Ghost, Saxe will pull some favors him. Dre reluctantly agrees and even points out he saw Ghost at the courthouse, but Saxe doesn’t believe him. Looks like Dre has his work cut out for him once again.

Ghost, of course, is furious and runs to go talk to Proctor about his failed kidnapping attempt. While breaking the down the entire situation to his attorney tells him that Tommy stopped by asking for the same info. Ghost also reveals to Proctor that he is broke and needs money as soon as possible. Proctor tells his client to think slowly and asks him who can lend him money? With desperate times come desperate measures with Ghost reaching out to Simon Stern for help.

Power, Season 6, Episode 3

Source: Power / Starz

Knowing that both he and Tommy are getting played by Jason, Ghost decides to call his former “brother” and suggests they team-up one last time to take out the drug connect. Tommy, on the other hand, is not with that idea and tells Ghost the next time he sees him he’s going to cancel Christmas on that a**.

Photo: Power/ Starz

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