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Riq Is Learning The Drug Game Is Hard

Power, Season 6, Episode 3

Source: Power / Starz

Riq, aka Ghost 2.0, is the big man on campus now. He’s got some money rolling and a reliable team, but he’s running out of pills to push. He has one stash of pills his dead mentor, Kanan gave him stashed in his deceased sister’s room, but he knows it’s not enough. Riq is quickly learning the drug game isn’t easy but gets comfort from his newest recruit, aka Tasha 2.0.

The two have a heart-to-heart convo over a game of chess with Riq revealing a lot is going on in his life. Especially with his dad knowing he lied to him about knowing Tommy was alive. Riq also opens up about his sister’s death and how he feels alone after losing his twin. His new friend/associate assures him she is here for the troubled teen. Before the scene closes, Riq tells her that he has no more pills because his drug connect, Kanan is dead.


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