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Team Tate Is Shaken Up

Power, Season 6, Episode 3

Source: Power / Starz

Rashad Tate has big dreams of becoming Governor of NYC and won’t stop at nothing to get there. We saw just how ruthless he is last week when he beat up his campaign manager. This week Tate is knocking boots with the same campaign manager’s girlfriend or wife, either or Councilman Tate is totally foul. While he is having sex with her, he gets a call from the DNC, and they inform him they are sending him a care package to help boost his growing campaign.

What Tate doesn’t know that the care package isn’t money, but it’s Ramona Garrity who walks in Tate’s campaign headquarters and fires half his staff. Her job is to “stress test” Tate’s operation on behalf of the DNC before they send any money his way. That also means she wants to know more information about his supporters, especially one James St. Patrick, who has been all over the news. The DNC really wants to win in New York and feel Ramona and her team can make that happen.

Now unfortunately for Tate, Ramona popping up might be useful for Ghost. He’s already fed up because nothing is happening with the Queens Child Project building and he is also running low on funds. Garrity seems to have an eye for Ghost, why does it always seem to be the powerful women on this show have a thing for ain’t sh*t men? Ghost can sense the lust, and he’s obviously feeding off it and is working Garrity, so much to the point, she wants to use him and his estranged wife to hammer home Tate’s message locally.

Ghost quickly tells Ramona that he and Tasha are heading towards divorce and her eyes light up a like a Christmas tree. Tate is stunned at the revelation, but he can’t go against Garrity. Now, this wouldn’t be Power if there was some sneaky mess going on right? Both Garrity and Tate meet up with Tasha to enlist her help despite Ghost telling them he wants to work alone. Knowing that they need her, Tasha uses the moment to get the daycare license and other things she needs to get her new “legitimate business” off and running.


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