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Saxe Is Under Some Serious Pressure

Power, Season 6, Episode 3

Source: Power / Starz

Saxe is having a hard time trying to prove that Ghost was the one who killed Angela Valdez. The death of Jerry Donovan doesn’t help either and only puts more pressure on him thanks to his new boss. Warner tells Saxe that now it’s his business to see to it that Dre testifies against Alicia Jimenez cause if she somehow walks, Saxe is in big trouble. He also has that illegal bug he gave to Proctor’s ex-wife out there hoping he can get some info from that as well.

Speaking of the bug, he hasn’t gotten that smoking gun he needs yet but almost does when Tommy stops by Proctor’s house. Before Tommy can say anything damaging to either him or Ghost, Proctor’s daughter comes back and takes the bookbag with the listening device attached to it upstairs. Saxe also has Dre in his custody now that Jerry is gone, so he plans to use him as well in his quest to get Ghost.


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