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Forgot About Dre?

Power Season 6

Source: Starz / Power

We have been wondering where Dre was, and we finally learn what he has been up to. He is currently under witness protection and is set to testify against Alicia Jimenez. He has no idea that Angela is dead and learns after news of her funeral hits the television. Dre discovering that Angela is deceased is the fed’s most significant fear because they feel it will spook him out of testifying.

After Jerry stops by to inform him that are moving him and his daughter to another secure location, Dre looks like he is now more determined to get back in the game. Things are starting to get real exciting quickly in the world of Power. The game is wide open, and it would seem the Power writers are positioning Dre for an opportunity to take over with Ghost not wanting to deal drugs any longer.

Photo: Power/Starz

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