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Tommy Harlem Shakes At Angela’s Funeral

Power Season 6

Source: Starz / Power

It’s finally time to say goodbye to Angela Valdes. In a very somber moment, all of Power’s most prominent players gather to pay their respects to the fallen prosecutor. Tameika is also on hand to say farewell to her former employee. She and Saxe engage in a conversation to catch up and update each other on the case. Tameika suggests to Saxe that he should leave before his new boss gets rid of him too. Saxe still firmly believes that Ghost is responsible for everything while Tameika is still skeptical.

Their conversation stops when Ghost and Tasha appear surprising all of them. Things get even more interesting when Tommy — Angela’s killer — walks in pays his respects to both Paz and Angie’s sobbing dad. D I S R E S P E C T F U L. Ghost is absolutely stunned because:

  1. Tommy is still alive.
  2. Tommy has the balls to show up at Angela’s funeral, knowing he killed her.
  3. His wife, Tasha, and his son lied to him about Tommy being alive.

After Tommy’s stunt at the funeral,. Ghost immediately runs to talk to Jason and wants to know why he didn’t tell him. Jason tells him that he had to protect his interest because Tommy is his distro. Ghost isn’t trying to hear that and wants his former best friend dead. Jason gives him permission to kill Tommy, but of course, there is a big stipulation. If Ghost does manage to eliminate Tommy, he will have to replace him as the new distro. Ghost has no desire to get back in the game, Jason tells him he doesn’t care how he does it, but if James does kill Tommy, he has to be replaced.

Oh man, Tommy’s move was spicier than Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich.

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