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Councilman Tate Doesn’t Trust Ghost

Power Season 6

Source: Starz / Power

Councilman Tate makes his season six debut, and he is just as conniving as ever. Tate wants to be Governor more than anything and doesn’t need Ghost and his problems sinking his election bid. The shady figures have a heart-to-heart and Ghost assures him that Angela’s death and his alleged involvement will not be a problem. Tate still allows Ghost to be a part of his campaign but wants him to keep his mouth shut.

Now, do you think Ghost is going to listen? Of course not. During a press conference where Tate gets grilled about having St. Patrick on his team as well as Angela’s death. Things get testy when a constituent from the old neighborhood busts in demanding answers from Tate. The upset neighborhood local also calls Ghost out for his past, pointing out that he ain’t nothing but a former corner boy.

Ghost hearing enough from the disgruntled man decides to jump in and speak much to the chagrin of Tate. We quickly learn that Tate saw an opportunity in the bungled press conference. He meets up with the angry constituent and offers him a job. Tate wants him to follow Ghost and do some “research” on him. He agrees to do Tate’s bidding, but we know he more than likely just signed his death warrant. Nobody gets the upper hand on Ghost.

We also finally get to see THE REAL Rashad Tate, not the fake political figure we have grown accustomed too.

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