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Proctor Has A Problem

Power Season 6

Source: Starz / Power

Our favorite attorney has a big problem, his wife is back. Saxe is desperately trying to find some dirt on Ghost and thinks Proctor has it all. He recruits Proctor’s ex-wife who manages to convince Saxe to give her a recommendation for a job at a firm. In return, it will her be able to see her daughter again, allowing her to place a bug hidden in a unicorn on her daughter’s backpack so the feds can listen in on Proctor.

During the custody hearing, Proctor is blindsided by his ex-wife’s power move after she announces she has a job to the judge. During a chamber meeting, the judge asked Proctor’s daughter to choose who she wanted to stay with. Proctor’s daughter breaks down because of the pressure of having to choose between her parents. After seeing enough, he grants his coke head ex-wife joint custody.

Little does he know he played right into Saxe’s hands.

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